"EVERYONE who visits my website wants to know who wrote this amazing copy."

Helen helped me put the practice -- and the magic -- of what I do into compelling words that make prospective clients get excited about working with me. I know this, because they've told me so!

I'm so thrilled at what she's created for me, and even more thrilled that EVERYONE who visits my website wants to know who the heck wrote this amazing copy. I feel like I'm wearing a pair of limited-edition Louboutins that everyone at the party is drooling over.

Plus, Helen is a joy to work with: funny, deeply empathetic (she really "gets" what's going on in my customer's head), and just a genuine, down-to-earth lady. If you have a chance to book her, do it without hesitation!

Debbie Moore-Johnston | Owner of DebMojo Method

"I now have a cohesive brand message to share with potential clients."

Helen showed up in my life just as I was deciding to take my business in a slightly different direction. Her clarity and insight as a marketing & branding strategist enabled me to launch this new focus with style and intention.

Helen was brilliant at clarifying the concepts I presented to her and helping me distill them into the best expression of what I do, so that I now have a cohesive brand message to share with potential clients. 

Plus, she’s a whole lot of fun to work with!  

Carole Hyder | Integrative Spaces Specialist


"If you feel like you're shouting your message at the top of your lungs – inside a soundproof box – work with Helen now."

When I found Helen, I had just come through a fairly intense year rethinking my business, getting really clear on who I wanted to serve and what only I could bring to the table for them.

But I couldn’t find the language to communicate any of it outside my own head!

Working with Helen was like having someone climb inside my brain and pull out the best, most impactful, most authentic messages – the ones that speak to my ideal client (or “Secret Twin,” in Helen Speak) and make her feel heard, too. Helen took what I thought I was saying and burnished it into the most perfect version of my message – the one that connects with my Secret Twin on a deep emotional level.

But Helen is so much more than a wordsmith. She pushes you to go deeper, to understand on a visceral level what your ideal client is feeling. She sees your self-defeating mindsets – the ones that are keeping you from the success you want – and gives you practical tools to shift them. She’s a cheerleader for your most powerful self and won’t let you rest until you’ve tapped into that power and put it out into the world.

And she does it all with compassion and a deep belief in your value to the world.

If you feel like you're shouting your message at the top of your lungs – inside a soundproof box – work with Helen now. She’ll help you ditch the box so your true voice can be heard… and so your ideal clients can find you.

Lara Dalch | Health & Lifestyle Coach For Busy Women


"With Helen's help I was able to reach my launch goal for the week in only 4 hours."

When I say that Helen is hugely responsible for my Wildheart Revolution launch success, that is a big understatement. It's hard to explain exactly how a copywriter can have so much influence on your results, but the way I look at it was that Helen not only wrote words down on a page, but she GOT ME. 

She took the time and careful detail in understanding what it was I wanted to create, she got inside my head and heart (like a life coach would), pulled the sparkly gems from that, and wrote, in exactly MY VOICE, the words that spoke to the exact right people for my program. It was a perfect co-creation, and whoever said that we can't do it all on our own is right. Helen was my perfect partner in launch crime. 

With Helen's help, I was able to reach my launch goal for the week in only 4 hours of the doors being open. I'd say that's pretty darn good.

Logistically, Helen gave me structure so I always knew what I needed to do to get it done. And I always had the feeling that she thought about me and ways to create an even more successful launch during the times we weren't actually talking. Her work is invaluable. I really don't think I could have done it without her.

Sally Hope | Wildheart Revolution

Natasha Vorompiova.jpg

"I'm sold on my own services."

I just read the copy you provided. "Love it" doesn't really cover it. I've no words. I am sold on my own services. :)

And you pretty much nailed my experiences and feelings that have made me turn to the work I do.

Natasha Vorompiova | Founder & CEO of SystemsRock

"I consider Helen one of today's most brilliant marketing minds.”

Helen is a marketing genius. My business was already thriving before working with her - but something about her approach intrigued me. She made marketing seem natural, easy, and like having a conversation with a good friend.

Since working with her I've begun to tease, tantalize, and titillate my audience even more than before - while connecting with them on a whole new level (bringing more of the REAL me to the party!). Her true genius is in helping you understand how to think like your customer and think like a marketer.

Added benefit: I'm having more FUN. And having fun means making more money. Her skills have boosted my bottom line and up-leveled my marketing game. I consider her one of today’s most brilliant marketing minds, and she is THE "secret weapon" I always deploy when I need someone to write creative, clear, compelling copy that converts prospects into customers.

Erika Lyremark | Creator of The Daily Whip: Business Advice For Bold Women